City of Bell Gardens

Owner Occupied

Rehabilitation Program

Effective October 05, 2020


Property must be owner-occupied.

Applicant household income cannot exceed 80% of Los Angeles County Area Median Income (AMI).

The minimum Loan amount by an award recipient to an eligible Borrower will be $10,000, unless the home is in need of reconstruction. If the home is in need of reconstruction, the maximum Loan amount will be $75,000.


The property must be located within the Bell Gardens city limits/boundaries.

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Assistance (including repair, full reconstruction, or the addition of an ADU or JADU) for Loans to Households at or below 80 percent.

All assisted units shall have After-Rehabilitation Values at or below the current local median sales price of a single-family home.

Occupancy Ratio: No more than 1.5 people per living space (living space includes bedrooms, living room, family room, den/study).

CalHome program funds in support of an Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation program shall be used only for the following costs: (a) Cost of Rehabilitation of the property ). (b) Cost of building permits and other related government fees. (c) Cost of an appraisal, architectural, engineering, and other consultant services that are directly related to the Rehabilitation of the property. (d) Non-recurring Loan closing costs. (e) Replacement cost of a manufactured home not on a permanent foundation up to the maximum amount published in the current NOFA in the case where it has been determined by the Recipient it is infeasible to rehabilitate the home. (f) A CalHome program ADF in an amount not to exceed the maximum amount published in the current NOFA per Assisted Unit will be reimbursed in the form of a Grant from the Department to the Recipient.



No monthly payments are required.

Principal and interest payments shall be deferred for the term of the CalHome program Loan.

to Apply

The City of Bell Gardens has been awarded the CalHome Grant which provides assistance to eligible homeowners for repair, full reconstruction, or the addition of an ADU or JADU.

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